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Our return to work programs are for those who have had a work related injury for over four weeks. This program is designed to enable our clients to return to work safely and efficiently. NJF has designed specified packages that are designed to:

  • Increase work fitness levels
  • Improve pain management
  • Facilitate strength and conditioning programs to assist with pre-injury work duties
  • Employ efficient communication strategies between client, employer, GP, rehabilitation provider and the insurance company

NJF specialists will prepare you through physical conditioning tailored specifically to your circumstances whilst educating you on effective self management to ensure your re-entry to the workforce is safe and timely.

Program Objectives

  • Facilitating a return to work by increasing functional capacity
  • Identify and seek to correct other physiological issues which may have contributed to the initial injury, or increase risk of any further injury (eg: muscle imbalance, poor posture, body weight, stress etc)
  • Educating the worker to an appropriate level of responsible and confident self management of their condition.
  • Teaching the worker safe practices, movement strategies and postures.
    Increase motivation to correctly manage physiological conditions and ultimately improve general health

Structure (10-20 week program)

The length of the program will be based on the extent of the injury, whilst taking into account any previous rehabilitation.

  • Step 1 Assessment & Planning: Thoroughly examine the patient’s functional abilities and limitations in order to determine their unique requirements (both physiological and educational). An appropriate treatment plan will then be developed to suit.
  • Step 2 Strategy and Education: The practitioner works one on one with the patient to address a range of factors such as: corrective exercises, biomechanics education, movement strategies, modification of every day practices, posture, joint stabilisation, goal setting, self-management and other physiological and educational factors.
  • Step 3 Progress Assessment & Long Term Planning: The practitioner will review the patient’s level of successful rehabilitation and develop an appropriate long term self-management program for the patient to implement (using either a gym or home based or home based environment

The NJF Work Ready Program is funded by Workcover and TAC. In order to receive a funded program, please request a referral from your GP or Contact NJF for more information

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